Mazeltov to Andrew and Lee King on Daniel and Joshuas Barmitzvah and mazeltov to grandmother, Roslyn Kramer.

The Ladies Guild

The Ladies Guild caters for a wide spectrum of services to our community. Our Shabbos Brochas have always been part of the Ladies Guild focus. There is a Kiddush every week in our Youth Centre where everyone is welcome.

Most weeks we celebrate a simcha of a Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, 2nd Barmitzvah, Birth, Aufruf or a special birthday. In addition, we organise the annual Shavuot dinner and Simchat Torah lunch.

It has also become the place to celebrate common simchas together.

Should you wish to sponsor a Brocha please contact the Shul office and speak to Harelle and she will gladly assist you.

Personal Endorsment:

Dear Ladies, I received Pam Schapkaitz’s letter yesterday and my first reaction was “ Pam is such a lady! She has worked tirelessly for the Ladies Guild for many years with very little support. Anyone else would said, ˜Ive done my bit, and moved on. As a member of the Ladies Guild who does a catering duty every 6 to 8 weeks, I would like to add the following. I am a Saturday morning shul-goer.

Sandton Shul has a reputation for its brochas and I enjoy the brocha every week. I feel good that I contribute in my small way. I also enjoy the catering experience. There is a friendly cameraderie between our group and I always get a catering tip or two. I feel a sense of pride when I see the brocha that we have produced. Please consider joining the Ladies Guild. I would suggest that you either look at the lists and join a group where you will feel comfortable or even form your own group.

Beryl Lutrin

2020 Sandton Shul Batmitzvah Ceremony