Condolences on the the passing of Hazel Aremband mother of Gary Aremband, mother-in-law of Debbie Aremband    Condolences on the passing of Sarah Joseph mother of Michael Joseph, Jonathan Joseph and Ian Joseph.    Condolences on the passing of Charlie Goralsky father of Trevor Goralsky, Milton Goralsky, and brother of Louis Goralksy and Jack Goralsky     Condolences on the passing of Hazel Aremband mother of Gary Aremband, mother-in-law of Debbie Aremband     Condolences on passing of Lionel Levinsohn husband of Joyce Levinsohn, father of Della Lawrence and Steven Levinsohn, David and Lawrence Levinsohn     Condolences on the passing of Dennis Jacobs husband of Molly Jacobs, father of Gavin Jacobs, Wyona Efune, Harene Sueltz and Elana Jacobs.     Mazeltov to Lisa daughter of Paul and Fiona Minsker on the occasion of her engagement to Ryan son of Jos and the late Jonny Miller.    Condolences on the passing of Robin Zidels father in Toronto
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Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday @

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Meeting ID: 812 5071 3114

Password: 18

Havdallah on Saturday @ 19:30 - Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 819 0555 1218

Password: 18
Candle Lighting before 5:53pm

Remember extra Yahrzeit Candles for Yizkor and to have a flame for the 2nd day.

Mincha at 6pm Can be davened from 12:35pm

Ma’ariv at 6:15pm

• An abridged Kabbalat Shabbat is recited that begins with Mizmor Shir Le’Yom Ha’Shabbat (Artscroll Siddur Page 320).

• Ba’Meh Madlikin should be omitted.

• Both Ve’shameru and Va’ye’da’ber (Artscroll Siddur Page 336) are recited before the Amidah.

• Ma’ariv Amidah for Yom Tov with proper insertions for Shabbat and Shemini Atzeret (Artscroll Siddur Page 660).

• Va’yechulu is recited after the Amidah (Artscroll Page Siddur 346) (omitting the Be’racha “Magen Avot” at home) followed by Aleinu and L’Dovid. (Artscroll Siddur Pages 350 and 282)

• In the Diaspora, the Shemini Atzeret meals take place in the Sukkah.

• One does not recite Leisheiv Ba’Sukkah on Shemini Atzeret.

• It is preferable to wait until [nightfall/tzeit hakochavim] at 6:44pm to begin Kiddush. (Artscroll Siddur Page 658)

• Kiddush for Yom Tov with Shabbat and Shemini Atzeret insertions. Kiddush begins with Yom Ha’shishi. We say Mekadesh Ha’Shabbat Ve’Israel Ve’hazemanin.

• We say She’he’che’yanu (Artscroll Siddur Page 658)

• In the event of rain, one may eat indoors. There is no special requirement to recite Kidd


2020 Sandton Shul Batmitzvah Ceremony