Mazeltov to Clive and Vanessa Sher on the birth of a daughter in London and mazeltov to grandparents Paul and Charlotte Sher and Herbert and Rhona Ullman    Mazeltov to Rabbi Evan and Cara Widmonte on the birth of a daughter born in Melbourne and mazeltov to grandparents Sam and Bev Leon.    Mazeltov to Daniel and Sara Zinman on the birth of a son and mazeltov to grandparents Harold and Aileen Zinman.    Mazeltov to Mervyn and Lynette Miller on the birth of a grandson and mazeltov to parents Craig and Robin Schraibman.    Condolences on the passing of Mervyn Wolf husband of Lynn Wolf     Mazeltov to Craig and Kirsty Blend on the birth of a daughter and mazeltov to grandparents Jeff and Sharon Blend.    Mazeltov to Jayce Zidel and Nikki Lee Silverman on the occasion of their engagement and mazeltov to Zidel and Silverman families.    Eran and Dena Michaeli on the birth of a son and mazeltov to grandparents Chezi and Belinda Michaeli.    Mazeltov to Steven son of Cynthia and the Late Cedric Liptz on the occasion of his engagement to Orli daughter of Barry and Cookie Isaacs.


Every time you act kindly,
the world has more kindness.

Every time you are compassionate,
the world has more compassion.

Every time you smile to someone,
the world is a more cheerful place.

Every time you give money to charity,
the world is a more charitable place.

Every time you calm someone who is angry,
the world is a more pleasant place.

Every time you judge someone favourably,
you are making the world a kinder place to live in.

Every time you help transform someone’s worry into serenity,
the world is a more serene place.

Every time you encourage someone to do something for others,
you create a partner to make a better world.

2020 Sandton Shul Batmitzvah Ceremony