Condolences on the passing of Miriam Shapiro mother of Annette Stoler    Condolences on the passing of Hymie Gordon husband of Myra Gordon    Mazeltov to Evan son of Gavin and Janine Rubin, and grandson of Mike and Mary Cohen, on the occasion of his engagement to Cassie daughter of Larry and Meliissa Gewer    Mazeltov to Denis and Inez Sandler on the birth of a grandson and mazeltov to parents Errol and Tali Sandler    Condolences on the passing of Meryn Greenstein husband of Inez Greenstein, father of Howard, Graeme, Brian and Penny.

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Shabbat Shalom

It has been such a wonderful kaleidoscope of marvelous experiences over these holy days. We were serious when we needed to be, and joyous when we were meant to be. I absolutely loved the Chaggim and feel energized and ready as we segway into the end of the year. Ahead, is the Shabbos Project and some well-deserved end of year vacation time. Mazaltov!! Mazaltov to all the Sandton Bnot Mitzvah girls celebrating this weekend.

Only Blessing!

Rabbi David Shaw

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