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Parashat Bereishit

Parashat Bereishit: A summary

The Five Books of Moses begin with the Six Days of Creation, the Shabbat, the story of the Garden of Eden, the first transgression, consequences and expulsion; Cain & Abel, the ten generations to Noah, the Almighty sees the wickedness of man in that generation and decrees to “blot out man” (i.e. the flood).

One of the most profound verses in the whole Torah is “And G-d created man in His own Image.” Since G-d does not have a physical being, this means that we are endowed with free will, morality, reason and the ability to emulate G-d who bestows kindness. Also, if we really appreciate that we are created in the image of G-d, we realize that we have intrinsic worth. Therefore, there is no need to be depressed wondering if you have intrinsic worth! (Aish)

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