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Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

In speaking with Moshe, the Almighty says: “Also, I have heard the outcry of the Children of Israel.”

What do we learn from the seemingly superfluous word “also”?

Rabbi Moshe Sofer, author of Chasam Sofer explained that “also” indicates that not only G-d, but the people also hear one another’s cries. Even though the entire Jewish people were enslaved and afflicted, they did not forget the plight of their fellow man.

Never say to someone, “I have my own problems. I don’t want to hear about yours.” If two people are in a hospital, each should take an interest in the other’s condition. When Rabbi Dov Bairish Wiedenfield, the Rabbi of Tshabin, heard that his wife died, he felt deep anguish. Immediately afterwards, however, he asked about the welfare of the other woman who was hospitalized in the same room. He expressed his hope that the death of her neighbour would not aggravate her illness.

The mother of Rabbi Simcha Zisel Ziv had a custom to collect money for the poor at funerals. At the funeral of her only daughter, she also collected charity. When asked how she was able to compose herself in the summit of her grief, she replied, “Just because I am suffering does not mean that the poor have to suffer also.” 

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