Condolences on the passing of Richard Kaplan husband of Adelle Kaplan, father of Mark and Nicholas Kaplan.    Mazeltov to Glenn and Nicole Waner on Jacobs Barmitzvah and mazeltov to grandparents Rodney and Evelyn Waner and Barbara Katz and Moshe Katz.    Mazeltov to Howard and Janice Talpert on the birth of a grandson born in Israel and mazeltov to parents Caylee and Assaf Sarid.
Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Before encountering his evil brother, Esav, Jacob divided all that he had into two camps. The Torah states: “And (Jacob) said ‘If Esau will come to one camp and smite it, the remaining camp will be saved’ ” (Genesis 32:9).
What lesson do we learn from Jacob’s action?
Rashi, the great commentator, tells us that Jacob had three strategies to deal with the threat from his brother: (1) he sent gifts to appease him, (2) he prayed for Divine assistance, and (3) he prepared for war.
Rabbi Yeruchem Levovitz points out that Jacob did not rely on his righteousness; he made every humanly effort possible. The forefathers kept to natural laws in dealing with life situations. After all, the laws of nature are the Almighty’s laws (He did set up the universe!). This is our goal – to do all that is in our power, but to realize that our success ultimately depends upon the Almighty.

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