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Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

The Torah states regarding the recruitment of workers to build the portable sanctuary, the Mishkan: “And each person whose heart motivated him came.” (Exodus 35:21)

What can we learn from the verse specifying that their motivation came from their hearts?

The Ramban, Nachmanides, explains that they needed motivation from their hearts because no one had any previous experience with the skills needed for building the tabernacle. There were no teachers available to train them. However, there were people who had the courage to come to Moshe to tell him, “I will do all that you say.”

Rabbi Yeruchem Lebovitz commented that if we look at the really wealthy people of the world, we will see that they are people with great initiative. There are major differences between people who reach the top by having much initiative and those who stay behind because of a lack of initiative. The Torah notes that the people who were successful in the sacred work of building the sanctuary were successful because of their inner courage to come forth and volunteer to do what was needed.

Be aware of the moments in your life when you felt a strong desire to accomplish spiritual greatness. Let those memories motivate you in the future to have even more initiative for true accomplishments. Have the courage to accept upon yourself to do what is needed. A person who has a strong drive to accomplish something will find that he has many talents and abilities that would have remained dormant had he lacked that drive.

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