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Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin


The Torah states: “And now, Israel. What does the Lord, your G-d ask of you…” (Deuteronomy 10:12)

Why does the Torah write, “And now, Israel”? What do we learn from this phrase, which could have easily been left out of the Torah?

The Chofetz Chaim taught that a person should view himself as someone hired out to work for another person for a specific period of time. When such a person completes one task, he approaches the employer and asks, “What should I do next?” This should be our attitude in relationship to the Almighty. When you finish one mitzvah, you should immediately look for opportunities to do another mitzvah.

This attitude can be seen in this verse: “And now Israel” – at every present moment, ask yourself the question, “What can I do now? What does the Almighty ask of me at the present time?”

When a person develops a deep sense of joy for doing mitzvot he feels great pleasure and satisfaction when engaged in a mitzvah. When he finishes one good deed, he will immediately want to start doing another. Therefore, to develop the attitude expressed by the Chofetz Chaim we need to appreciate the great value and beauty in doing mitzvot. Once you feel a love for the mitzvot, you will eagerly ask, “What good deeds can I do now?”

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