Mazeltov to Andrew and Lee King on Daniel and Joshuas Barmitzvah and mazeltov to grandmother, Roslyn Kramer.

Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

The Torah states:

“You are standing this day, all of you before G-d your Lord; your leaders, your tribes, your elders and your officers, every man of Israel” (Deut. 29:9).

The Midrash Yalkut Shimoni comments on this verse: “When are the Jewish people ‘standing’? When they are together (‘all of you’). Even a young child can break a single reed. However, a bunch of reeds together is strong and cannot be broken. The Jewish people will not be redeemed until they are a unified group.”

2020 Sandton Shul Batmitzvah Ceremony