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4 Rules for a Happy Marriage

4 Rules for a Happy Marriage

 Rule #1 — Have no expectations. Expectations are the source of virtually all misery. Almost every young couple believes that there hasn’t been a person like he or she is marrying since Adam met Eve. It’s hard to live up to an image on a pedestal.

 Rule #2 — Always focus on your own responsibilities and what you can do for your spouse — not on your spouse’s responsibilities and what you think your spouse should be doing for you. If you see a tissue on the floor or dirty laundry, pick it up; if you don’t, then you are leaving it for your spouse.

Rule #3 — Appreciate whatever your spouse does and express your appreciation both to your spouse and to the Almighty. Be sincere and frequent in your praise.

Rule #4 — Be totally committed to your spouse and to the marriage. Your number 1 responsibility is to make it work. Too many people have one foot out the door or fantasize about “maybe I should have married someone else I dated.” My father told me that he and Mom were once awarded a prize on a cruise for the longest marriage amongst the passengers. People asked him, “How did you stay married so many years to the same woman?” My father replied, “When we got married, we tied the knot with a square knot, not a slip knot.”

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