Wednesday 26th November 2014,
Sandton Shul
  • Mazeltov to Judy and Selwyn Burstein on the engagement of their son Nicholas to Tarryn Chonin (Nicholas and Tarryn live in London)
  • Mazeltov to Ivan and Brenda Segal on the birth of a granddaughter. Daughter to Akiva and Gila Smith.
  • Mazeltov to Lynette and Mervyn Miller on the engagement of their daughter Robyn, to Craig, son of Des and Irene Schreibman.
  • Mazeltov to Shirley and Colin Shar on the engagement of their daughter Melissa, to Ari Kruger, son of Maish and Sheryl Kruger.
  • Mazeltov to Paul and Marlene Miller on the birth of a grandson and mazeltov to parents Lee and Jolene Miller.
  • Mazeltov to Ivor and Lesley Sacks on the birth of a grandson in Israel.
  • Mazeltov to Raymond and Aviva Hack on the birth of a granddaughter and mazeltov to parents Greg and Debbie Hack.
  • Condolences to Steven and Jeff Blend on the loss of their father. Funeral today (Monday) at 13h00 at West Park. Prayers will be held on Monday at 6pm at 16 Ratcliffe Drive, Morningside Manor and on Tuesday at 5.30pm at Penbury Lodge, 1 Kernick Ave, Melrose.
  • Mazeltov to Jonathan and Michal Zinman on the birth of a daughter and mazeltov to grandparents Harold and Aileen Zinman on the birth of a granddaughter
  • Condolences to Jeff Pokroy on the loss of his father. Funeral tomorrow (Tuesday) at 13h00 at West Park.


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Hi All,

This Shabbas is going to be very exciting. Howard Greenstein AKA THE CANARY is going to be doing his Barmitzvah Haftorah Shabbas. Thats the first exciting thing. The second exciting thing is that Howard is going to be number 30!. He will be the 30thindividual person to do a Haftorah since we started the club. The 29 individual people have done 52 haftorahs. Howard will be (PG) 53! You may be wondering why I have called Howard the Canary its because the other day he asked me if we serve Canary food at the brocha so i guess he must be eluding to the Canary like performance he is going to put on.

The Canary The Canary Food

Howard will be doing the Haftorah upstairs since there is a barmitzvah downstairs. The Haftorah will coincide with Rabbi Tregers magic hour so I am sure if you are there it will be a very elevating service. We also take the opportunity to wish the Gellman and Kussel Families Mazeltov on the occasion of Jasons Barmitzvah. Jason is the Grandson of Jack and Jill Kussel.

Sandton Shul is definately the place to be this Shabbas!


I am sure there is going to be some special whiskey on tap. The Canary I mean Howard has told me he has been shopping. We may have something special from Saul Mervis but we will leave that as a surprise.


I have requests from Fran Blumenthal and Jonny Chertkow to include information regarding organisations that are assisting soldiers who are fighting to protect our beloved israel and Jewish people. Take a look at them and see what you can do!

Hi Trev

Don’t you want to send out this link to the guys

These guys send morale boosting meals to the combat troops in Israel.

For a few dollars, you can give a big boost to those who are putting it all on the line.

Have a good shabbos


FROM FRAN – check out the link Below

URGENT NEED- warm gear for Lone Soldiers serving in Operation Pillar of Defense


Friday at 5 pm the sirens went off in Jerusalem .In the South it’s a common occurrence. Our Boys and Girls are in harm’s way. Everyone knows someone who has been called up to the reserves.


The Jerusalem Great Synagogue in conjunction with the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center is asking for your contribution to keep our soldiers warm.

There is a desperate need for fleece coats, knitted hats, and warm clothes

The Lone Soldier Center In Memory of Michael Levin has already placed an order for gear for 100 lone soldiers which is on its way to the South. We’re expecting to buy for at least another few hundred more in the coming days.


Checks can be mailed to:

Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin
42 Agrippas Street
PO Box 28377
Jerusalem, Israel

The Center’s bank wire info is as follows:

The First International Bank of Israel LTD
Jerusalem Main Branch No. 12, Hillel Street 10, Jerusalem
IBAN: IL560310120000000293849
Beneficiary Account No: 293849
Beneficiary Account Name: Michael Levin Memorial Center for the Support of Lone Soldiers

There is also a link up on the following site for people to donate online (US tax-deductible) for this specific program


Thank you on behalf of our soldiers and on behalf of the

Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin

Anyway have a great week and an awesome Shabbas!

Kind Regards


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