Condolences to Nicky Wachsberger on the loss of Hylton Katzfather.    Mazeltov to Lester and Jennifer Woolfson, on the birth of a grandson and to parents Gregory and Natalie Woolfson     Mazeltov to Russel and Angela Lurie, on the birth of twin great granddaughters.    Condolences to Alicia Tucker on the loss of her father Joe Fisher.    Mazeltov to Michael and Diana Berman on the occasion of their daughter Kerry's engagement to Phillip son of Neil and Eva Berelowitz.    Condolences to Jack Edery and Pierre Edery on the loss of their sister Jean Shein.    Mazeltov to Stan and Ava Smookler on, the birth of a granddaughter and mazeltov to parents Joel and Gina Smookler.    Condolences to David Kassel on the loss of his sister Patsy Rudolph.     Mazeltov to Jeff and Lynn Zidel, on the birth of a grandson and mazeltov to parents Ivor and Nikki Polo.    Condolences to David and Keith Brouze on the loss of their father Jack Brouze.    Mazeltov to Bernard and Anne Tanner on the birth of a grandson and mazeltov to parents Danny and Carla Blumberg

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The Ladies Guild



The Ladies Guild caters for a wide spectrum of services to our community. Our Shabbos brochas have always been part of the Ladies Guild focus. There is a Kiddush every week in our adjoining foyer where everyone is welcome.

Most weeks we celebrate a simcha of a birth, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Aufruf or a special birthday. In addition we organise the annual Shavuot dinner and Simcha Torah lunch.

The Ladies Guild performs acts of Gemilut Chesed for all the needy and sick in our community. This includes visiting the sick weekly on Erev Shabbos, by our dedicated team of ladies organised by Debbie Gien. A Shabbos gift of candles, appeltiser and challah is given to the patient

We also have a team of ladies who visit the sick during the week and give the patient an inspirational prayer book.  Nechame Sacks heads up this team of ladies.

Should you know of anyone who is ill in hospital please contact the Shul office and they will arrange for someone to visit the patient.  Sandton Shul main responsibility is the Morningside Medi-Clinic.

It has also become the place to celebrate common simchas together.

Should you wish to sponsor a Brocha please contact the Shul office and they will direct you to the correct person who will gladly assist you.



Dear Ladies, I received Pam Schapkaitz’s letter yesterday and my first reaction was “ Pam is such a lady! She has worked tirelessly for the Ladies Guild for many years with very little support. Anyone else would said, ˜Ive done my bit, and moved on. As a member of the Ladies Guild who does a catering duty every 6 to 8 weeks, I would like to add the following. I am a Saturday morning shul-goer.

Sandton Shul has a reputation for its brochas and I enjoy the brocha every week. I feel good that I contribute in my small way. I also enjoy the catering experience. There is a friendly cameraderie between our group and I always get a catering tip or two. I feel a sense of pride when I see the brocha that we have produced. Please consider joining the Ladies Guild. I would suggest that you either look at the lists and join a group where you will feel comfortable or even form your own group.

Beryl Lutrin