Mazeltov to Harold and Elaine Wolmer, on the birth of a granddaughter and to parents Mark and Cayleigh Wolmer.    Mazeltov to Darryl and Taryn Hurwitz, on the birth of a son and to grandfather Brian Hurwitz.    Mazeltov to Laila daughter of Marc and Kelly Kahn on the occasion of her Batmitzvah and to grandparents Selwyn and Taube Perlman    Mazeltov to Tanna daughter of Raymond and Wendy Munitz on the occasion of her Batmitzvah    Mazeltov to Ben son of Graham and Leanne Cohen on the occasion of his recent Barmitzvah    Mazeltov to Chonnie and Heather Becker on the birth of a granddaughter and to great grandparents Hymie and Bernice Becker.    Condolences to Natalie Shankman on the loss of her dear mother.

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Membership Fees

Single membership including seat R 4535.00

The 2nd Seat for lady is R 3730.00

2nd seat for male member is R4535.00


Family membership at present R8895.00 included Ladies Guild Levy.


Membership For youth 18 to age 25 R 3150.00


Membership for youth to 18 is R 2250.00


Joining fee of R 5000.00 per family


Single R2500.00


Newly married, from members of Shul, first year or part there of no charge.


2nd year 1/3, 3rd year 2/3, thereafter full price.

Please contact the Shul for further details:

Contact Herelle Isaacs
Tel: + 27 11 883 4210
Fax: +27 11 883 4245