Mazeltov to Dov and Jade Slowatek on the birth of a daughter.    Mazeltov to Ricky and Tammy Treger, on the birth of a son and mazeltov to grandparents Gary and Corinne Treger    Mazeltov to Jade daughter of Mervin and Sheva Messias on the occasion of her engagement to Shmuel Liebtag    Condolences to Belinda Michaeli on the loss of her mother

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Shalom Uveracha Lekulam



Shalom Uveracha Lekulam

We survived the week. I am endeavoring to be in personal touch with every family in our Kehilla, just to say hello! Just to say I love you! Just to say we will beat this together. Thank you for all your messages of encouragement, interesting articles and humorous videos. I daven each day that each of you should be blessed with health and peace of mind. G d has a plan. God took us out of Egypt and we will get out of this darkness too.


Rabbi David Shaw

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