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Shalom U’veracha

Shalom U’veracha

The secret to a happy and fulfilled life is to take whatever life presents us and to transform it into something better. Simple but true. The old saying of turning lemons into lemonade!  Why heaven has deemed that the whole world and it really is the whole world, should be turned upside down and sent us all retreating into our private spaces, is beyond me. However, we may and dare I say, must, use this time to grow in a few areas of our lives for the better.

It has been confirmed that our Shul will be closed for Shabbat and daily services until this awful virus has been beaten. That means remaining at …Home sweet home! What an unbelievable and rare opportunity to reconnect with our families, to talk to one another, to eat together and simply enjoy each other’s company. What a great opportunity to keep Shabbat.

Have you ever experienced the power of praying together as a family? Why not try it now? I believe it is ok to say Avinu Malkeinu under these circumstances even without a minyan. (Page 120 in the Artscroll Siddur)

Make blessings over foods together (Artscroll page 224). Perhaps it is a grand opportunity to count your blessings now as well.

BTW if you need anything let me know, from shopping to Kaddish, from chatting or just knowing we are all in this together. Together we will sail through this storm and together we will emerge, better, stronger, healthier, and please G d holier.

We would have said Chazak! Chazak! Ve’nitchazeik when completing the book of Exodus this Shabbat. It means Be strong! Be strong! And may we be strengthened! I can’t think of a better wish to send you right now!

Rabbi David Shaw

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