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Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Dvar Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

The Torah states: “I, Your father-in-law, Yitro, am coming to you; and your wife and her two sons with her (are coming)” (Exodus 18:6).

Rashi, the great commentator, cites the Mechilta, a Midrash, which tells us that Yitro sent the following message to Moshe: “If you do not want to come to greet me, come for the sake of your wife; and if you do not want to come to greet your wife, come for the sake of her two sons.” Why would Yitro send what seems to be a rather bizarre message?

Rabbi Simcha Zissel Ziv clarifies for us that Yitro was a great philosopher; a sincere and honest seeker of truth. He had experimented with every available form of idolatry, and attained the awareness that each was void and meaningless. Finally, he embraced Judaism. However, before he studied Torah, he did not know that it was possible to attain a high spiritual level and still be a part of this world involved with one’s fellow human beings.

Therefore, Yitro’s message to Moshe was a hint that even though “You might have reached the apex of spirituality, you must nevertheless fulfill your social obligations.” The Torah teaches that one cannot be spiritual if he does not fulfill his obligations to the Almighty, himself and his fellow man. Life is an integrated whole; one must strive to grow in all areas for true spirituality.

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