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Good Shabbat and Good Yom Tov!

Good Shabbat and Good Yom Tov!

We have a beautiful  three days ahead with Shavuot following Shabbat. We have a gorgeous dinner, exciting learning program and the most dynamic youth activities. I’m really excited to introduce our sholars in residence Rabbi Jonathan and Judith Rosenblum to you all. I know you will enjoy their talks and deep  insights . The Shavuot dinner is fully booked! Great food. Great lectures. Great company. This is like heaven!


I thought to remind you of a Segula, a significant and potent  action that brings blessing in its wake.  There are Segulot for health and some for wealth. There are segulot for shalom bayit , a peaceful home and for , well just about anything really! Some are legit, while some are a bit iffy. This one I heard in the name of Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv Zt”l, one of our  great Torah leaders  who passed away in 2012.


This great Sage would go especially on Erev Shavuot and visit the sick because we learn that before Hashem gave us the Torah, all those who were ill were miraculously healed in preparation and anticipation of this momentous event. {Rashi, Exodus (20:15)}


He explained that each year this power is renewed. It is a most prepitious time to pray for the recovery  of those who are seriously sick.

When asked exactly when should we reach out to Hashem for a cure, he thought about it and said that the best time is immediately after the Aliya in which the Ten commandments are read on the first day of Shavuot.

It is my personal prayer that Hashem should send a refuah shelaima to all those in our community and answer all of our prayers for whoever is in need.


Renee and I wish you a Chag Samayach! May Hashem bless you all עד בלי די.

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