Condolences to Martin Jankelowitz on the passing of his father, Harold Jankelowitz.    Mazeltov to Louis Defries on the birth of twin grandchildren and mazeltov to parents Mark and Pam Defries.    Mazeltov to Aimee daughter of Janice Milner and granddaughter of Dorothy Milner on the occasion of her engagement to Daniel Verblum from Australia    Mazeltov to Saul Symanowitz, on the occasion of his engagement to Nikki Etkind    Condolences to Douglas Ndlovo on the passing of his nephew, George Sibanda     Mazeltov to Jack and June Edery and Hyman and Helen Burnstein on the birth of a grandaughter and to parents Lance and Tali Burnstein on the birth of a daughter    Mazeltov to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Suchard on the birth of a great grandchild    Mazeltov to Jeffrey and Avril Forman on the birth of a grandson and mazeltov to parents Daniel and Eliesheva on the birth of a son

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Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov


This is a most special Shabbat and it is marked by us taking out three Sifrei Torah for the various readings appertaining to the day. We read the usual portion of the week, this week, Parashat Tazria. It is also Rosh Chodesh, hence Torah reading #2. Finally it is Parashat Hachodesh as well, necessitating a third Sefer Torah. The taking out of three Torah scrolls is relatively rare and only occurs on a maximum of three other occasions in the course of the year. The confluence of these three together makes for a special and even more holy Shabbat. It is great time for advancing our spiritual growth and connecting with G d. Today we usher in the month of Nisan, a time for redemption, personally and communally.

This Shabbat is special for another reason. I have recently noticed an interesting phenomenon in our Shul. As the community advances year by year, we are now seeing the grandchildren of our founders and an occasional great grandchild celebrating their Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah in the same Shul that their grandparents have attended for literally decades. It used to be just brises. Now Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs. That’s very special! It is becoming more frequent

We celebrate this week the Barmitzvah of Shea Joffe and the Batmitzvah of Shayna Strauss. Both, Sandton kids, whose parents were Sandton kids and whose grandparents are part and parcel of the very fabric of our kehilla.

Mazaltov to Shea, to his parents Jason and Tracey and to his grandparents Brian and Lee Joffe and Sharon Aron and their families.

Mazaltov to Shayna, her parents Rabbi Warren and Kerry Strauss and grandparents Martin and Babette Strauss and Barney and Brenda Treger.

Brian Joffe is a Life President of our Shul and Rabbi Warren Strauss, our current President.

The circle of life! I love it!

Rabbi David Shaw

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