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Shabbat Shalom To You



One of my main Torah teachers and inspirations used to give but two types of lectures to us. The first was known as” a Yid must know” speech. Simply, every Jew needs to know this! The second type of talk was dubbed by us as a” not beseder”  speech, which essentially was a gentle rebuke ( sometimes not so gentle). Every speech we heard could be neatly categorised  into one of the two. I want to add on to his educational legacy a new category, at least for this message. “A Yid Must Do “ speech. Don’t worry, Im not becoming to bossy or  prescriptive.  I’m just making a little requsest of you. Come to Shul on Shabbos. This Shabbos is special, as it is besides being the beginning of the third book of the Torah, Vayikra, it is also Shabbat Zachor.

It is the one Shabbat each year that we dedicate to remembering the need to both ultimately recognize and uterly defeat evil. There is a Torah obligation to read Parashat Zachor. These few verses describe how the nation of  Amalek tried to destroy our ancestors and how their poison still effects us in the guise of anti semitism.  According to most opinions this obligation is on all men, women and children of educationable age.  The mystical masters teach that our main battle today is not only against the physical Amalek, but a spiritual one as well, Amalek is the also the haughtiness and chutzpa in us and it is our duty to recognize this and to eradicate it from within ourselves.

This Shabbat we celebrate the Batmitzvah of one of our most regular young ladies in Shul every Shabbos, Raquel Gecelter. On behalf of us all I wish Robert and Hayley Mazaltov!


Rabbi David Shaw


Rabbi David Shaw

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