Tuesday 28th April 2015,
Sandton Shul
  • Mazeltov to Melissa Oschry daughter of Ellen and the late Julian Oschry on the occasion of her engagement to Steven son of Michael and Sarah Morris from Cape Town.
  • Condolences to Rabbi David Shaw on the loss of his mother – Prayers throughout the week – Shacharit at 6.15am and Mincha at 5.15pm
  • Mazeltov to Lewis Hasson son of Sheila and the late Ray Hasson on the occasion of his engagement to Kerry daughter of Marc and Lesley Wainer.
  • Mazeltov to Daniel and Sara Zinman on the birth of a son and to Harold and Aileen Zinman on the birth of a grandson.
  • Mazeltov to Victor and Delia Fuchs on the engagement of their daughter Kira to Daniel Kangisser son of Dian and Clive Kangisser.
  • Mazeltov to Bev and Dennis Cohen and to Helene and Brian Miller on the birth of a granddaughter and Mazeltov to Gregg and Ronli Cohen on the birth of a daughter.
  • Mazeltov to Jeff and Charmaine Lipshitz on the birth of a grandson and mazeltov to parents Justin and Sarah Lipshitz.
  • Condolences to Kim Prissman on the loss of her mother.
  • Condolences to John and Yvette Rosen on the loss of their son Brian. Funeral and Prayers to be confirmed.
  • Mazeltov to David and Maxine Mincer on the occasion of Candy’s engagement to Aaron son of Ira and Sandra Bornstein from Colorado.

Youth Program

Aarin Smith

Name: Aarin Smith
A.K.A: Shorty
Date of Birth: 18/03/1991
Studying: BCom Law @ Wits
3 words to describe me: staunch, buff, sensitive
I Love? Llamas. Dr. Seuss
Ari and Paige

Name: Mr. and Mrs. A Lewis
A.K.A: Ari and Paige, Paige and Ari
Date of Birth: 30/12/1992 and 22/01/1993
Studying: PAIGE: Education and ARI: Engineering
3 words to describe us: Organised, Reliable, Fantastic
What we want to add to Sandton? To make it the vibiest Shul in The Southern Hemisphere
Dovi Brom

Name: Dovi
Surname: Brom
aka: dabrom, dovilicious, dabrom.com, d bizzle, mr fancy pants, funky town, sparkles
Date of Birth: 15/07/89 (yeah, I’m old)
My 3 Words: fun, energetic, pants (dear lord the pants)
Studied: Acc at WITS, dealing from Rámon (roll the “r”). Work at DIJE and for the highest bidder in the “import export” business
What I want to add to Sandton: numbers, humour, pantspantspants, verbs, a fun side to yiddishkeit, impeccable sense of fashion, random German words and of course, more pants
Chen Smadja

Name: Chen
Surname: Smadja
aka: Cehenda, CheiRaidi
Date of Birth: 14/06/93 (yeah, I’m old)
My 3 Words: CeterisParibus, Imsofacto, Interalia
Studying: Accounts at UJ
What I want to add to Sandton: FUN, FUN, FUN, AND MORE
Dani Hovsha

Name: Dani
Surname: Hovsha
aka: Marion
Date of Birth: 14/01/93 (yeah, I’m old)
My 3 Words: sporatic, spontaneous, surprising
Studying: National Bachelor of Arts
What I want to add to Sandton: Ice cream, Cat models,
yehuda go round, marriage
Josh Hazan

Name: Josh Hazan
A.K.A: Maurizio
Date of Birth: 01/10/1994
Studying: Something Fancy (you’ll have to ask me)
3 words to describe: completely mad, seriously
I am? Completely Nuts!! (Yes I AM)
Kevy Levy

Name: Kevy
Surname: G
aka: Kevin Levy
Date of Birth: 20/09/89 (yeah, I’m old)
My 3 Words: Sagacious, Dickensian, Fun
Studying: 2nd Year Education at WITS
What I want to add to Sandton:
Eccentric Pocket Square Saturdays
Elan Milwid

Name: Elan Milwid
A.K.A: Mildrid
Date of Birth: 29/6/1990
Study: To Become a Doctor
My favourite word: pietrisycamollaviadelrechiotemexity
What I want to add to Sandton? Phalanges, Chizuk, FUN!
Rozanne Groen

Name: Rozanne Groen
A.K.A: Rozy
Date of Birth: 01/11/1992
Studying: To be a Doctor
3 words to describe me: crazy, fun, funky
I Love? Children Service, Making Ice Cream Parties
Shmueli Gischen

Name: Shmueli Gischen
A.K.A: Gish, Thmolly, Shmu, Shmuelka, The Boss, Ralph, The Face of YiD
Date of Birth: 22/1/1992
Study: Strategic Marketing and Corporate Communication
3 Things that describe ME: Unpredictable, Charismatic, Charming, Can’t Count
What I want to add to Sandton? Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Chasadim
Tali Raichlin

Name: Tali Raichlin
A.K.A: Traichlin, Tammy
Date of Birth: 2/2/1993
Study: B.A. Graphic Design
3 Words that Describe Me: creative, enthusiastic, antidisestblishmenterianism
What I want to add to Sandton? GEES to your Shabbos
Yael Gien

Name: Yael
Surname: Gien
aka: YaYa\aelzi\yaz Gien
Date of Birth: 12/05/93 (yeah, I’m old)
My 3 Words: Honest, awkward and spiritual
Studying: BsC at Tukkies
What I want to add to Sandton: So exciteeeeeed !!!!, cookies