Sunday 19th April 2015,
Sandton Shul
  • Mazeltov to Lewis Hasson son of Sheila and the late Ray Hasson on the occasion of his engagement to Kerry daughter of Marc and Lesley Wainer.
  • Mazeltov to Daniel and Sara Zinman on the birth of a son and to Harold and Aileen Zinman on the birth of a grandson.
  • Mazeltov to Victor and Delia Fuchs on the engagement of their daughter Kira to Daniel Kangisser son of Dian and Clive Kangisser.
  • Mazeltov to Bev and Dennis Cohen and to Helene and Brian Miller on the birth of a granddaughter and Mazeltov to Gregg and Ronli Cohen on the birth of a daughter.
  • Mazeltov to Jeff and Charmaine Lipshitz on the birth of a grandson and mazeltov to parents Justin and Sarah Lipshitz.
  • Condolences to Kim Prissman on the loss of her mother.
  • Condolences to John and Yvette Rosen on the loss of their son Brian. Funeral and Prayers to be confirmed.
  • Mazeltov to David and Maxine Mincer on the occasion of Candy’s engagement to Aaron son of Ira and Sandra Bornstein from Colorado.
  • Condolences to Heath Cohen on the loss of his father. Funeral was yesterday. Prayers tonight at 120 4th Avenue Hyde Park at 6.15pm.
  • Mazeltov to Barry and Chantal Solomons on the birth of a grandson and to parents Danyell and Jason Nestadt on the birth of a son.


Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Sandton

12 August 2013
DATE: 12 August 2013
HEBREW DATE: 6 Elul 5773
BRIDE: Mandi Romain
GROOM: Martin Kussel
17 February 2013
DATE: 17 February 2013
HEBREW DATE: 7 Adar 5773
BRIDE: Taryn Ableson
GROOM: Daryl Hurwitz

22 April 2012
DATE: 22 April
HEBREW DATE: 30 Nissan
BRIDE: Carrie Miller
GROOM: Yoel Strous