Wednesday 23rd April 2014,
Sandton Shul
  • Mazeltov to Lester and Jennnifer Woolfson on the forthcoming wedding to Natalie daughter of Cherryl Levin.
  • Condolences to Glenda Preskow on the loss of her mother.
  • Mazeltov to Glyn and Glynis Ismay on the birth of a granddaughter in Sidney.
  • Condolences to David Nathan on the loss of his mother.
  • Mazeltov to Gary Bolel and Robin Cohen on the birth of a grandson.
  • Mazeltov to Merrick and Gail Silver on the birth of a granddaughter.
  • Mazeltov to Phillip and Esther Karter on the birth of a granddaughter in Chicago.
  • Condolences to Golde Colley on the loss of her brother in Australia.
  • Condolences to Rabbi Shaw on the loss of his brother.
  • Mazeltov to Martin and Illana Joffe on the birth of a grandson in Australia.


Phillip and Esther Karter – granddaughter
Martin and Illana Joffe – grandson
Tamsyn and Gary Rutstein – daughter
Jennifer Steingold – granddaughter
Myron and Sylvia Berzack – grandson
Jared and Tali – son
Allan and Lorraine Kaye – granddaughter.
Howard Hurvitz – granddaughter.
Darryl and Marianne Furman – granddaughter.
Stanford and Future Mncube – daughter
Doron and Michelle Joffe – son
Judge Meyer and Gail Joffe – grandson
Hylton and Linda Rosen – grandson born in Las Vegas.
Rabbi and Rebbetzin Shaw – granddaughter
Aron and Avigail Berk – daughter
Uri and Tzivi Marks – son
Evelyn Marks – grandson
Lawrence and Elaine Fienberg – granddaughter (Born in the US)
Stan and Jennifer Marcus – granddaughter (Their daughter Mandy and son in law Ilan Bernstein)
Mervyn and Elisa Artemi Cigler – grandson.
Denis and Minette Mondschein – grandparents
Kevin and Jade Mondschein – son
David (Choir) and Beverley Britany – grandson.
Anthony and Karen Shapiro – granddaughter.
Martin and Illana Joffe – grandson
Ryan and Bonnie Hope – son
Darren and Lauren Pogir – son
Rubin and Sandra Pogir -grandson
Marc and Shana Scop – son
Gary and Beverley Abrahamson – grandson
Peter and Rene Michaellis – granddaughter
Barry And Hazel Farber – grandson.
Mazeltov to Julius and Mati Gluch – grandson.
Michael and Dallas Katz – grandson
Gary and Nicci Wachsberger – son
Robert Wachsberger – grandson
Barbara Wachsberger – grandson
Marc and Nicole Penn – son
Dean and Toni Tucker – son
Stephen and Alicia Tucker – grandson
Hilly Tucker – great grandson
Laura Sack – granddaughter
Colin and Arlene Wainer – granddaughter
Selwyn and Elaine Schaffer – grandson
Frank and Estelle Cline – granddaughter
Jeff and Pam Pokroy – grandson
Mervyn and Beryl Richter – grandson
Maish and Glenda Preskow – granddaughter
Philip and Daphne Kuhn – grandson
Manny and Eunice Harris – grandson
Philip and Esther Karter – granddaughter
Arnold and Sue Shapiro – granddaughter
Anthony and Karen Shapiro – grandson
Norma Robinson – granddaughter
Hylton and Lynda Rosen – granddaughter
Clive Sidley – granddaughter
Jeffrey Reichman – granddaughter
Martin and Illana Joffe – granddaughter
Ian and Natalie Lutrin – daughter
Milton and Beryl Lutrin – granddaughter
Colin and Arlene Wainer – grandson
Selwyn and Elaine Schaffer – grandson
Sue Price – granddaughter
John and Wendy Hermann – grandson
David and Liliane Hill – granddaughter
Ivan and Pam Schapkaitz – granddaughter
Jeff and Sharon Blend – grandson
Solly and Charlene Zaidel – grandson
Jared and Candice – son
Richard and Cheryl Treisman – grandson
Brian and Rochelle Swaine – grandson born in Israel
Ryan and Sam Friedman – son
Jeff and Robyn Girnun – granddaughter
Jack and Jill Kussel – grandson
Craig and Lauri Kussel – son
Ivan and Brenda Segal – granddaughter
Merrick and Gail Silver – granddaughter
Gary Bolel and Robin Cohen – grandson
Glyn and Glynis Ismay – granddaughter