Saturday 19th April 2014,
Sandton Shul
  • Mazeltov to Lester and Jennnifer Woolfson on the forthcoming wedding to Natalie daughter of Cherryl Levin.
  • Condolences to Glenda Preskow on the loss of her mother.
  • Mazeltov to Glyn and Glynis Ismay on the birth of a granddaughter in Sidney.
  • Condolences to David Nathan on the loss of his mother.
  • Mazeltov to Gary Bolel and Robin Cohen on the birth of a grandson.
  • Mazeltov to Merrick and Gail Silver on the birth of a granddaughter.
  • Mazeltov to Phillip and Esther Karter on the birth of a granddaughter in Chicago.
  • Condolences to Golde Colley on the loss of her brother in Australia.
  • Condolences to Rabbi Shaw on the loss of his brother.
  • Mazeltov to Martin and Illana Joffe on the birth of a grandson in Australia.
  • Sajbd Great Debate

    Sajbd Great Debate

    Dear Community Members As part of our `Make us Count’ election campaign we will be hosting a Great Debate with Justice Malala. We have a

  • Rabbi Shaw’s Shiurim

    Rabbi Shaw’s Shiurim

    Daily Gemara Shiur Be’Iyun after Shacharit Mondays – Fridays 07h00 – 07h30 Daily Pirkei Avot – half an hour before Mincha Sundays – Thursdays

  • Shiurim by Rabbi Suchard

    Shiurim by Rabbi Suchard

    MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS 06h15: Talmud – Daf Yomi MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS 08h00: Talmud – Ketuvot WEDNESDAY 08h45-09h30: Ladies Shiur – Topical subjects WEDNESDAY 18h45-19h30: Beginners

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Thoughts 2014.04.11
Posted On April 11, 2014 | No Comments

I have been speaking a lot to the Kehilla lately about the deleterious effects of Lashon Harah. The Chovos Halevavos goes as far as to say, your merits, transfer to those whom you slander and [...]

Sajbd Great Debate

Sajbd Great Debate

March 26, 2014 | No Comments


Natie and Frances Kirsh Hatzolah House
Posted On March 7, 2014 | No Comments

Sunday evening 2 February saw the opening of the Natie and Frances Kirsh Hatzolah House. At the opening function Lance Abramson, CEO of Hatzolah, explained that for the past 15 years Hatzolah has been operating [...]


Arachim Seminar March 2014
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Dear Arachim Friend The Arachim Seminar is a stimulating and non-judgmental forum addressing the crucial quandaries facing the Jew in our times. Is Judaism a religion that dates back at least 3300 years – a [...]